CMT technology

How do we make a CMT tool? As all things of quality, it's not only what you do but how you do it. Anyone who works wood knows that you get out of a piece only what you put into it, and it is notdifferent when manufacturing a tool. At CMT our technical department uses the best computer technology in the world and hands-on experience to engineer and design each tool, so that it performs for a very long time.

7 reasons for choosing CMT:

Everything starts with a clear idea and having the potential to express it. We have both. At CMT our technical department uses the best of both worlds hi-tech and hands-on experience - to engineer each tool.

Turning a design into a finished product means finding the right material to suit the specifications set out in the design. Quality performance from the final product depends on it. When it comes to selecting raw materials, we don't cut corners.

Over the years we have continuously invested in the latest technology in CNC machining equipment and innovative software to manufacture our tools. The entire manufacturing process is operated by specifically trained operators.

Orange Trademark color
Any woodworker anywhere in the world can tell you that orange tools means CMT, and that CMT means quality. That's why we have trademarked the color orange on woodworking tools - it's OUR guarantee that you are getting a genuine high-quality product.

CMT filters and purifies water by using a reverse osmosis system located inside the plant. At the same time we filter and reprocess dirty oil after the grinding. This is our way of guaranteeing the quality of our tools, as well as contributing to help protect the environment.

Quality Control
CMT uses rigorous quality control programs and equipment to ensure that each bit has been manufactured precisely and accurately and that it will guarantee long-lasting performance. CMT is in the process of adopting the directives set out in ISO 9001, which will give SPC quality control by an independent party.

The final touch
This unique industrial-strength surface trademark orange color coating is designed to withstand the physical stress that the tool undergoes during use, while protecting it from residue build-up and burning.