Dovetail router bits

SERIES:  7/818.hoff

Solid tungsten carbide tool Two cutting edges Right-hand rotation
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Hoffmann Keys W1 7/32" 5/32" 1-11/16" 17° 1/4" 818.053.11 Buy now Available
Hoffmann Keys W2 5/16" 15/64" 1-11/16" 18° 1/4" 818.079.11 Buy now Available
Hoffmann Keys W3 3/8" 9/32" 1-11/16" 19° 1/4" 818.093.11 Buy now Available
The new CMT dovetail bits are designed to fit Hoffmann® key models W1, W2, W3 and W4. The bits are manufactured in solid micrograin carbide to guarantee long lasting performance to avoid router bit failure during the woodworking process.
Through dovetail.- product picturezoom Through dovetail.
Half-blind dovetail.- product picturezoom Half-blind dovetail.
Variably-spaced dovetail- product picturezoom Variably-spaced dovetail
Sliding dovetail.- product picturezoom Sliding dovetail.
Hoffmann key.- product picturezoom Hoffmann key.