Panel pilot router bits with guide

SERIES:  7/8/916

Tungsten carbide tipped tool Solid tungsten carbide tool One cutting edge Two cutting edges Right-hand rotation Tool with anti-kickback design
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How long do you spend making openings in paneling, drywall, siding, doors or windows? With the CMT panel pilot bit, the job just got quicker. The point plunges smoothly and easily and the carbide edges cut clean and fast. All of this adds up to accurate cuts in less time and with less effort - great for trimming Formica®, veneer and other laminates.

Safety tips: Always use extra caution when working near electrical outlets and boxes - always disconnect the current. Make sure the bit does not go so deep as to cut the wires.
10 pcs. in Masterpack.- product picturezoom 10 pcs. in Masterpack.