Double-bearing spiral flush trim router bits

SERIES:  190/191/192B

Solid tungsten carbide tool Two cutting edges Two plus two cutting edges Right-hand rotation Tool with bearing
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Downcut 1-1/4" 1/2" 3" 2 1/2" 192.505.11B Buy now Available
Downcut 2" 1/2" 4" 2 1/2" 192.507.11B Buy now Available
Upcut 1" 1/4" 3" 2 1/4" 191.008.11B Buy now Available
Upcut 1-1/4" 1/2" 3" 2 1/2" 191.505.11B Buy now Available
Upcut 2" 1/2" 4" 2 1/2" 191.507.11B Buy now Available
Upcut & downcut 1-55/64" 1/2" 4-1/2" 2+2 1/2" 190.508.11B Buy now Available

CMT solid carbide spiral flush trim bits are composed of a special super-micrograin formulation increasing hardness with a higher transverse rupture point. Combined with a spiral cutting angle, CMT solid carbide spiral flush trim bits equipped with a double bearing, allow cabinet makers to shear wood and wood products cleanly, providing more efficient chip ejection than standard flush trim bits. In production settings, this means these bits will run cooler, stay sharper, last longer and increase shop productivity.

 Item  Safety collar  Bearing
192.505.11B   541.301.00 
192.507.11B   541.301.00 
191.008.11B   541.350.00 
191.505.11B   541.301.00 
191.507.11B   541.301.00 
190.508.11B   541.301.00 
Excellent finish on both the upper and the lower side.- product picturezoom Excellent finish on both the upper and the lower side.
WARNING: Drilling, sawing, sanding or machining wood products can expose you to wood dust, a substance know to the State of California to cause cancer. Avoid inhaling wood dust or use dust mask or other safeguards for personal protection. For more information go to