Flexible templates for curved and arched routing


Description DIM L Order No. Buy now Availability
A) Flexible template for curved and arched routing 23/32” x 23/32” 39-3/8” TMP-1000 Buy now Available
B) Flexible template for curved and arched routing 15/32” x 15/32” 47-1/4” TMP-1200 Buy now Available
C) Flexible template for curved and arched routing 23/32” x 23/32” 78-3/4” TMP-2000 Buy now Available
-Special plastic without any plasticizer.
-Made in Germany.
-Lasts more than 10 years.
The CMT flexible template is easy to screw on any kind of wooden panels, MDF or chipboard for creating forms, arcs and curved elements easily and rapidly. In order to fix your template you can use countersunk screws, which are widely available on the market. The CMT template is made of a highly-resistant flexible plastic, which can be tied in knots without any risk of ruining or reducing flexibility.

Screw your template to the edge of the panel and follow its shape and rout the border on the guide ring. The template is suitable for manual feed on routers, router tables and spindle moulders. Rout easily, safely and accurately to make multiple forms such as arcs, curved elements and cut-out forms. Mark the edge of your form precisely and screw it onto a previously-placed panel from underneath.

If you rout with a guide ring mounted onto your spindle moulder, keep your hands a safe distance behind the template. Two different profiles in three lengths are available. Please notice that the smallest profile features a short radius, whereas the larger profile features a larger opening in case of flat and long curves.

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