Professional straight edge clamps


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Used as a fence for your bandsaw, drill press or even as an auxiliary fence on your router table or table saw, CMT’s professional straight edge clamps represent a two-in-one tool, allowing you to either use them as an edge guide, or to easily clamp your boards or any object for woodworking. Available in different sizes.

Here are the main features:
-Made of extruded aluminium for easy carriage and enhanced durability.
-Light, yet more rigid than any other clamps on the market.
-Measuring scales, low-profile jaws, built-in T-tracks on the top allowing the use of accessories or jigs.
-Either single or back-to-back clamps.

Low-profile clamps allow for accurate cuts, dados and grooves. In addition they properly work as an auxiliary fence on your drill press or router table. Sturdy jaws hold your workpiece to the full length of the clamp without any side-to-side play. Back-to-back clamps with the suitable accessories also let you manage your woodworking operations with a lot of versatility. Adjustable scale and two T-tracks allow you to use many accessories.
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