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Patent No. AU2005/903586

The innovative CMT-Enlock joining system is designed to build the strongest “T”, “mitre” joints and “edge-to-edge” assemblies using the patented E15 and E10 dovetail keys. The dovetail slots in each part to be joined are machined quickly and accurately using the CMT Enlock jig. Simply clamp your workpiece in the jig, set the bit depth and you are ready to rout. The jig features strong cast aluminium construction throughout the body, top plate, stops and clamping bar to produce perfect strong joints for life!

Width range: 30~75mm (1-3/16" ~ 2-61/64").
Thickness range: 19~35mm (3/4" ~ 1-3/8").

-Joining system CMT-Enlock1.
-50 key masterpack CMT-Enlock10.
-9,5mm (3/8") HWM dovetail bit (North American Market).
-instruction manual (in five languages).

The CMT-Enlock dovetail key expands when the cap is forced in. This widens the dovetail producing a strong clamping force across the joint. No other dovetail system on the market produces this clamping force.
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CMT Enlock jig owner’s manual
Support foot to fix the jig on the table.- product picturezoom Support foot to fix the jig on the table.
Clamp extension arm to make widening joints.- product picturezoom Clamp extension arm to make widening joints.
Patented system.- product picturezoom Patented system.
Overall product view.- product picturezoom Overall product view.
A few seconds and your joints are ready!- product picturezoom A few seconds and your joints are ready!
CMT-Enlock joining system router bit.- product picturezoom CMT-Enlock joining system router bit.