Reciprocating/sabre saw blades

Reciprocating/sabre saw blades

Produced using state-of-the-art processes, high-tech machinery and premium quality raw materials, these reciprocating/sabre saw blades have been specifically designed to ensure maximum lifetime and performance in all materials.

HCS (high carbon steel). Great for cutting wood and plastic.

BIM (bimetal with 8% cobalt). Premium bi-metal with 8% Cobalt provides superb results and guarantees long life when cutting metal, plastic and wood with nails.

HW (tungsten carbide). Best for fiber cement board, brick and porous concrete.

Why geometry is important.

Ground and taper ground teeth. Easily cut construction wood, plywood, framing lumber and plastic.

Milled and side set teeth. For quick cutting on hard/softwood, aluminium, plastic, ferrous and non-ferrous metal.

Milled and wavy set teeth. For fine, precise cuts in thin/thick metal, pipe, open and closed profiles.