Multi Tools Mini Counter Display

SERIES:  03.00.0043

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Mini Counter Display (empty) Hook not included, order separately 13.8 x 22 x 6.3 inch 03.00.0043   Available
This simple yet attractive counter display will increase product visibilty and definitely increase your sales.
This cabinet supports a great variety of tools like jig saw blades, sabre saw blades, oscillating tools, router bits, Forstner bits, drill bits and hole saws.
The best way to attract and encourage customers to buy! A sturdy steel body in our trademark orange colour makes for the ideal eye-catching counter-top display! Tools not included.
 Item  Optional hooks
03.00.0043   03.53.0012-X24 
Jig saw blades- product picturezoom Jig saw blades
Sabre saw blades- product picturezoom Sabre saw blades
Oscillating tools- product picturezoom Oscillating tools
Router bits- product picturezoom Router bits
Forstner Bit- product picturezoom Forstner Bit
Hole saws- product picturezoom Hole saws