Solid carbide dowel drills

SERIES:  311.21/22 HWM

Solid tungsten carbide tool Long life tool Two cutting edges Two spurs Right-hand rotation Left-hand rotation XTREME series
D I L S RH-LH Order No. Buy now Availability
1.3mm 5mm 70mm 10x45mm RH-LH 311.013.20 Buy now Available
1/4" 30mm 70mm 10x30mm LH 311.064.22 Buy now Available
1/4" 30mm 70mm 10x30mm RH 311.064.21 Buy now Available
2mm 12mm 70mm 10x40mm LH 311.020.22 Buy now Available
2mm 12mm 70mm 10x40mm RH 311.020.21 Buy now Available
3,5mm 18mm 70mm 10x40mm LH 311.035.22   Not available
3,5mm 18mm 70mm 10x40mm RH 311.035.21   Not available
3mm 18mm 70mm 10x40mm LH 311.030.22 Buy now Available
3mm 18mm 70mm 10x40mm RH 311.030.21 Buy now Available
4mm 30mm 70mm 10x28mm LH 311.040.22 Buy now Available
4mm 30mm 70mm 10x28mm RH 311.040.21 Buy now Available
5mm 30mm 70mm 10x28mm LH 311.050.22 Buy now Available
5mm 30mm 70mm 10x28mm RH 311.050.21 Buy now Available
6mm 30mm 70mm 10x27mm LH 311.060.22 Buy now Available
6mm 30mm 70mm 10x27mm RH 311.060.21 Buy now Available
8mm 35mm 70mm 10x25mm LH 311.080.22 Buy now Not available
8mm 35mm 70mm 10x25mm RH 311.080.21 Buy now Not available


Perfect for all materials and long-lasting performance!


CMT announces the new series of solid carbide boring bits, now available from their extensive industrial line. These bits are entirely made of premium quality super micrograin carbide from Ceratizit in Luxemburg. The entire series offers several design features:


-The unique tip has curved, negatively ground spurs to produce exceptionally clear bores with no rough -edges. Centre point balanced.
-The cylindrical head is bigger than traditional tips and is extremely resistant to prolonged use.
-The plunge edge runs all the way to the centre of the bit to reduce drilling resistance and increase production speed. It lasts longer between sharpenings.
-The solid carbide construction guarantees an almost infinite number of resharpenings, and since it is a solid unit of carbide, it offers extra safety features.
-Ideal for hardwood and difficult composites such as particle boards, MDF and veneered wood.
-Excellent performance on high-speed boring units and CNC routers.


-Premium quality super-strength steel.
-HWM spiral portion with centre point.
-2 cutting edges (Z2).
-2 spiral flutes.
-2 curved, negatively ground spurs (V2).
-Parallel shank with driving flat and adjustable screw length.


Boring bit 311.013.20 is for panel preboring.
Used on boring machines separately or with chucks for drilling blind holes in solid wood, wood composites, plastic and laminated materials.
 Item  STIC screw  Optional retaining screw for Weeke machines
311.064.22   990.003.00 
311.064.21   990.003.00 
311.020.22   990.003.00 
311.020.21   990.003.00 
311.030.22   990.003.00 
311.030.21   990.003.00 
311.040.22   990.003.00 
311.040.21   990.003.00 
311.050.22   990.003.00 
311.050.21   990.003.00 
311.060.22   990.003.00 
311.060.21   990.003.00 
311.080.22   990.003.00 
311.080.21   990.003.00 
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Discover the features of CMT's XTREME boring bit series
WARNING: Drilling, sawing, sanding or machining wood products can expose you to wood dust, a substance know to the State of California to cause cancer. Avoid inhaling wood dust or use dust mask or other safeguards for personal protection. For more information go to